Pig Palace
7267 NC 43 S
Greenville, NC 27858
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Information for our guests

Don't let the name fool you, the Pig Palace is a beautifully converted tobacco-loading barn on the farm of Ephraigm Smith that is perfect for our country chic wedding!


Will the wedding take place outside or inside?

  • If the weather permits, the ceremony will be outside and the reception will be inside. If the weather is not cooperating everything will take place inside.

Where do I park?

  • There is ampule parking in front of the venue.

What time is the ceremony?

  • The ceremony will begin at 6pm

 What time should I be there?

  • Please arrive no later than 6pm, unless you have been asked to arrive earlier.

What happens if I can't be there on time?

  • If you do arrive late for the ceremony, please sit towards the back so not to disturb other guests.

Can I bring guests?

  • We are flattered that there are others that want to share in our special day but our budget has limited the number of people we have invited to our wedding. If we have reserved a 1 for you please RSVP for the both of you and include their name.

Do I REALLY have to RSVP? You know I'm going to be there...

  • Yes! You really do!

Why is it so important for me to RSVP?

  • There will only be enough place settings and chairs for the people on the official guest list. Also, we need to know how much food to have for everyone.

What if I lose my invite?

  • All the information that you should need to know about the wedding can be found on this website! Please contact us if you haven’t or can't RSVP so we can make sure you are added. Also, you can RSVP on the RSVP page!

I already RSVP but now I have an emergency and can't attend anymore, do I have to let you know?

  • PLEASE do so! No hard feelings if you can’t come or things come up because things happen BUT we are spending money for you to attend, so please let us know as soon as possible.

What are you serving for dinner?

  • BBQ & Chicken.
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